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The Hairexpert certified salon label set up by Febelhair is not a quality label. As a professionnal organisation, our role is not to judge the work of hairdressers but to guarantee their professionalism and continuous training. 

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The professional quality of the hairdressers salons is our priority. Take advantage of the professionalism of a certified hair salon. We suggest below several facets.

The guarantees of the label

For the client

Did you know ?

Since January 2018, you do no longer have the guarantee that your hairdresser is a professional hairdresser in Flanders. Since then, anyone can open a hair salon there. Perhaps Brussels and the Walloon region could follow...

Do you really want to have your hair done by a non-professional?

Hairexpert guarantees that your hairdresser is a graduate and follows constant trainings.

For the professional

Your future competitors will no longer need a diploma!

Since January 2018 the suppresion of access to the profession in Flanders and perhaps soon in Brussels and Wallonia will have damaging consequences for the image of Belgian hairdress profession. The professionnal organisation through the Hairexpert label wants to defend your interests. wants to allow you to make the difference as a professional against a potential competition that will no longer need to prove it skills to open a hair salon.

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