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He guarantees you during your beauty service in a certified hairdressing salon, that it will be carried out safely by a qualified and regularly trained professional. Indeed, in Flanders since 2018 the requirement to have a degree in hairdressing to open a salon is no longer necessary. The abolition of access to the profession is also likely to be necessary in Brussels and Wallonia. As a client, it is essential that you know that the hairdresser who will take care of you is certified.

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Indeed, you are not without knowing the risk incurred when using chemicals (colorings, discolorations, locks,...), the handling of these products must be performed by real professionals trained to guarantee you a service that does not endanger your health. 

It is important to realize that hairdressers themselves are particularly exposed to skin allergies (eczema...) or respiratory allergies (asthma...) due to the irritating and allergenic substances contained in many hair products used for shampoos, dyes, bleaches and permanents: about 10% of professional allergies are reported by hair professionals, and for women, nearly 30% of cases of professional asthma come from the hair sector. Clinical sequelae are almost non-existent after exposure has ceased, but symptoms tend to worsen otherwise, making it essential to prevent awareness if job loss and change of profession are to be avoided. The use of scissors and razors can cause cuts, possibly with direct contamination. There are also burns with heating and drying instruments.

This knowledge of the various existing problems is not only beneficial to hairdressers, is is also a guarantee of safety for the client who, if he/she does not call on a recognized professional as such, could be disappointed with the final result of the haircut, but who would above all take real and extremely important risks for his/her health. This current situation is therefore simply to avoid and prevent, Febelhair, which represents Belgian hairdressers, must preserve the level of services thanks to this new Hairexpert label, essential for the reputation of the hairdresser profession.

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